The bathroom rug – a beautiful and useful accessory

The bathrooms in our homes are not only room, which begin and end our day, and a great place for fun and relaxation. Of course, it only depends on us how to organize and decorate them, so be nice to us whenever we enter the room.
The market offers all kinds of furniture and bathroom accessories, but the bathroom rug enjoys increasing popularity because it not only helps us to not slip on the floor, but also can be a wonderful decoration of the room.
This useful accessory will protect you perfectly from unpleasant feeling of contact with the cold floor, and some models even may decide the need for a foot massage.
In this sense, it is perfect finish for bathroom design, giving us the feeling the warmth and comfort under our feet after we took a relaxing bath or a nice long shower.
Bathroom rugs can be an excellent way to revamp the room, especially if they comply with the color of furniture, lighting or wall and floor tiling.
There is a wide variety of types of rugs for the bath and their main characteristic is that they are specially made to be less susceptible to damage from water.
The most popular materials for bathroom rugs are cotton, bamboo and chenille fibres.
Carpets made of cotton are sufficiently lasting, but without proper drying, will surely not withstand long hours of constant moisture.
Bamboo bath rugs are very flexible and resilient, have a lovely natural color, but not soft enough for bare feet.
You could say that the synthetic fibers of chenille are ideal; they are resistant to exposure to water, and soft and pleasant to touch.
You can also choose materials such as wool or Persian, but they require more care and therefore – time.
Of course, there are many other unusual ideas for materials of bathroom rugs. Market can be found even eco-carpet of moss, which is a true delight for the feet.
The proposal is the designer Jimmy Choo and is allegedly the feeling of bare feet on the moss is the same as that of juicy grass.
Among other things, maintenance of such a carpet is very easy, because moisture in the bathroom is enough to keep it juicy and fresh.
As to the shape and size of the bathroom carpet, you have to comply with the space you have available.
Very good idea if you use one full bath rug, instead several smaller, because thus will create a sense of size of the room.
When you are considering combining the colors of bathroom decor with the new carpet, you should very carefully consider the color palette of the room and to do so that the colors to blend into each other, but not be completely identical. This is precisely the successful formula for creating a brilliant decor effect.
Perhaps here, we should note that, the shades of green and blue color usually act very refreshing, inspiring a sense of purity and in addition have a relaxing effect on the psyche.
In conclusion, since the bath rugs are designed to be used in water areas, they are very easy to clean.
An aptly chosen bathroom rug can enhance extremely the beauty of your bathroom style and help create a more comfortable home environment for you and your family.
So, act boldly and do not forget that often just the smallest details create the strongest visual interest.

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